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►What should I tell about myself?


My name is Tycha Buekers, I'm a 15 year old girl who lives in Limburg, Belgium.

Other things I do in life are streetdance and doing stuff whit friends.


►When did I started whit urban exploring and why?


I started on my 15th birthday, together with my dad I did my first loation without a camera.

I directly fell in love whit all that decay and abandoned buildings.

The next couple locations I took some shots whit a digital compact camera,

after that I got a dsrl, never touched it before so I had to learn a lot about it and I'm still learning every time I use it.


►This is me:



►My gear:

camera: Nikon D50

             Lomography sampler

Lenses: standard lens 18-55mm

tripod: Bilora pro 25


►My favorite locations are:

-La crypte


-Salve Mater

-Maria hospital